[Spambayes] Problems With Eudora

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 23 23:17:52 CET 2005

[Dave Dexter]
>> Listener on port 1110 is proxying pop3.direcway.com:1110 
>> Listener on port 1120 is proxying pop.gmail.com:1120

[Kenny Pitt]
> I think this is where your problem is.


> You are trying to 
> connect to the same ports on your remote POP3 servers that 
> you are using as your proxy ports in SpamBayes.  I think what 
> you really want for your remote server configuration is 
> pop3.direcway.com:110 and pop.gmail.com:110.

Note also that you can leave out the :110 and it will default to that.
Gmail is also difficult - you can't connect to gmail on port 110, you need
to connect on port 995 with SSL.  1.1 will have some support for this, but
until then you have to use something like stunnel if you want to use gmail &
spambayes.  Another SpamBayes user has written up a how-to guide for this:



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