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Jones, Larry LJones at Lithonia.com
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I went to the web site and discontinued my subscription, but I am still on
the list

Larry Jones
Hydrel/AcuityBrands Lighting

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As you may have noticed, 1.0.4 is now available, which is a fix for the
1.0.3/Python2.4 problem where the log file would fill up.  Almost nothing
else has changed, so there shouldn't be any new problems (i.e. any there
weren't with 1.0.3) with this release.  Anything's possible, however.

I'm away from email from about 30 minutes away until Tuesday morning NZ
time.  So if there are any problems, I can't fix them.

So, my plea to those that are reading spambayes at python.org and helping
people out:

  1.  If some major problem does appear, just get people to use 1.0.1.
There's nothing much wrong with it.  I'll fix whatever broke on Tuesday.

  2.  If people complain about the 1.0.3 log file problem, please recommend
that they install 1.0.4, which should solve it (twice over).

Thanks!  And Happy Easter for those of you that celebrate it.


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