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FYI, spambayes at python.org is the place to send questions regarding features
or problems with the operation of SpamBayes. The spambayes-dev at python.org
list is for discussion of issues related to the development of SpamBayes.
There is no way to control when Outlook generates its notification sound.
However, version 1.1 of SpamBayes will have its own notification sound
feature. With this feature, you can turn off the Outlook notification and
configure SpamBayes to either play different sounds for each type of mail
received or to only play a sound for certain types of messages.
The first alpha version of SpamBayes 1.1 should be available sometime soon.
Kenny Pitt


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In box - playing a sound on arrival of new mail.


I would like the new mail alerts only to operate when they are 'ham' and not
'ham or spam'.


Is there anyway Outlook 2003 / Spambayes can be configured for this.


I can find nothing obvious in the help and web-site faqs.


Thanks in advance


Jeremy Labram, Principal, Charteris plc, tel 07989 330721 (M), 020 7600 9199


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