[Spambayes] Enable/Disable Macros Message on Outlook Startup

Edward A. Sunada, CPA eascpa at hawaii.rr.com
Sun Mar 27 23:39:13 CEST 2005

When I start Outlook 2002 and I select an email for deletion as spam or
recover from spam, I receive a Microsoft Outlook dialogue box with the
message "ThisOutlookSession contains macros"  "Macros may contain viruses.
It is usually safe to disable macros, but if the macros are legitimate, you
might lose some functionality.", then I have to select "disable macros",
"enable macros" or "more info".  What is this message referring to & how can
I get this to quit showing up?  It only occurs on the first time use of
SpamBayes in Outlook 2002.  Whether I select disable or enable macros is
immaterial, the message does not show up again until I exit Outlook and
restart Outlook again.

Any guidance or solution would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Edward A. Sunada, CPA
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Thank you for your cooperation.

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