ham,RE: [Spambayes] RE: Huge Log File - Over 13GB in Size

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 29 03:25:07 CEST 2005

> Also, I am running SuSE Linux 9.1.  I originally opened the 
> compressed application files in a subdiretory of /tmp.  For
> some reason (could be my mistake) the make install routine
> built the proxy directories into the root directory of the
> machine, which is precisely where I do not want them to be.  

By make install I presume you mean setup.py install.  By default this will
copy files into the Scripts and Lib/site-packages directories of your Python
installation.  You can put them elsewhere by passing appropriate commands to
distutils (setup.py install help), or you can leave them wherever you want
(setup.py isn't doing any compiling or anything like that, just copying
files) and ensure that PYTHONPATH includes the directory containing the
spambayes package directory (the one with classifier.py in it).

> When I try moving the directories the application won't work.

Exact error messages help!

> Also, I have an external box with a quarter terabyte disk.  
> Can I move the proxy directories over to that disk?

You can move any of the directories anywhere you like.  All paths can be
altered via either the main Configuration page or the Advanced Configuration
page.  If a path is not fully specified (doesn't start with /) then it will
be relative to the last configuration file loaded: for example, if a path
was "spambayes/ham-cache" and the last config file was in ~, then the path
would get expanded by SpamBayes to "~/spambayes/ham-cache", but if the path
was "/tmp/ham-cache", then it would be left alone.


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