[Spambayes] RE: Support request

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 29 03:39:15 CEST 2005

> I put a support request in the support section of this
> website on 15 March. I later noticed that there does not
> seem to be much activity in this section however, as the two 
> other posts there have never been replied to.

Well, they *have* both been replied to.  Multiple times, for each.  And, to
be fair, there are only two other posts there because all the other support
requests have been dealt with and closed.  One of the two (1059690) should
probably be either closed or changed to a feature request (it's really moved
into a (inactive) discussion, which belongs on the list).  The other one
(1110985) is really a feature request, too, and, as the comment says, it
will be investigated further when time permits (and it explains what is
happening and how to avoid it).

> Perhaps I should have placed it in the much more active 
> bugs-section, although that did not seem the appropriate 
> place at the time.

If you want a quick response, then the best place to ask is the mailing list
(spambayes at python.org).  Trackers are good for keeping a permanent record,
and various other things, but responses are generally slower there.  The
15th of March is only two weeks ago today.  A week of that has been public
holidays (in my country, anyway), which means that the chance of a response
is much lower.  In addition, everyone involved in the project has been quite
busy recently, which means that progress has been slow.  That's just how
volunteer projects work.

> Could I perhaps ask you to have a look at my query?

I've done this now, but would have done eventually, anyway.  Sometimes a
response is fast, sometimes it's slow.  The stats show that support requests
are generally closed in about 3 days at the moment.  If you want quicker -
then the list is the way to go.  But patience is still required.


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