[Spambayes] Thank you SpamBayes!!!

Charles Haven JCHaven at airpower-usa.com
Wed May 4 22:04:08 CEST 2005

This is just a note to say thanks to the developers of SpamBayes! I have
been using SB to weed out junk mail from my entire Exchange Information
Store with a single installed copy for over a year. Since Monday my little
SB box has been dutifully removing the thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of bogus
email thanks to the Sober worm.
Here are my specifics:
  - Exchange 5.5 w/ 100 mailboxes (96 monitored with SB)
  - Outlook 2002 with 96 mailboxes connected
  - SpamBayes 1.0b1 (April 2004)
  - Windows XP SP2 on a HP Compaq d220 1.8GHz with 1GB RAM
Junk Mail Stats:
    Month/Year      Quantity
    December 2003       2281
    January 2004       18633
    February 2004      21293
    March 2004         29907 
    April 2004         35770
    May 2004           39414
    June 2004          37353
    July 2004          39170
    August 2004        51284
    September 2004     44585
    October 2004       48367
    November 2004      47563
    December 2004      53659
    January 2005       47495
    February 2005      45447
    March 2005         44442
    April 2005         40416
    May 2005            8191
    TOTAL             655270
This app has saved me from having to deal with end-users complaining about
all the junk email, about 2GB of disk space, and at least once saved me from
a virus outbreak for which Trend Officescan had no pattern for about 6
hours. The best thing is I do this all from a single pc and don't have the
hassle of training end-users on where to look when the mail disappears.

The only complaints I have had are from end-users who have enabled
notification in Outlook. They will get a notification that they have new
mail but, when they look in the Inbox there is no new mail -- because SB has
sucked it out of their Inbox! 

Charles Haven

Air Power, Inc.

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