[Spambayes] Feature Request: Per-Account Settings.

Blake Winton blake at phantomfiber.com
Thu May 5 14:34:39 CEST 2005

I looked for feature requests in the bug tracker on Sourceforge, but
could not find any.  Is that the appropriate forum for those types
of things?

In either case, I have a feature request, and here is as good a place
as any to ask it.  I have two email accounts set up in my Outlook at
the office.  One for the Exchange server at work, and another for my
IMAP server at home.  I would like SpamBayes to have some per-account
settings, such as which folder to move the spam messages into, and
possibly even a separate database of what's spam or not, since I am
currently getting very different spam at home and at the office.
(Home spam is mostly stock tips.  Office spam still seems to be for

I haven't thought a whole lot about this feature, I merely feel its
lack at this point.  If it would help get it implemented faster, I
am happy to attempt to create a more detailed user-level spec, but it
seems that it might be easier for everyone to let someone who already
knows the code figure out what's possible.

Thank you,

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