[Spambayes] Feature Request: Per-Account Settings.

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 6 03:02:24 CEST 2005

> I looked for feature requests in the bug tracker on Sourceforge, but
> could not find any. 

They are called "RFE"s, for some reason ('request for enhancement', maybe?).
You can submit one there, or here, although using the tracker gives a better
chance of someone looking into it at some point (sometimes things just get
lost in the list traffic, but tracker items stay around until someone closes

> In either case, I have a feature request, and here is as good a place
> as any to ask it.  I have two email accounts set up in my Outlook at
> the office.  One for the Exchange server at work, and another for my
> IMAP server at home.  I would like SpamBayes to have some per-account
> settings, such as which folder to move the spam messages into, and
> possibly even a separate database of what's spam or not, since I am
> currently getting very different spam at home and at the office.
> (Home spam is mostly stock tips.  Office spam still seems to be for
>  Viagra/Cialis.)

There are two main difficulties with this:

  1.  We don't get told which account mail has arrived through, we just get
told that there is new mail in a folder that we are watching.  (The account
information can be found through the message properties, though, I think).

  2.  Providing an interface for this would be very tricky.  We'd really
like to keep the Outlook add-in interface as simple as possible, while still
allowing as much functionality as possible.  Have you got any ideas about
how the interface could work?

IAC, if you really do want this, then open a feature request tracker (RFE)
on sourceforge; it's unlikely to be done soon, so this list message will be

You could do this at the moment, with the separate databases, if you used
the Outlook add-in for the Exchange account and the SpamBayes IMAP filter
for the IMAP server.  Each would use separate settings and a separate
database.  You wouldn't be able to configure the IMAP one through Outlook,


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