[Spambayes] Help : Toolbar does not appear in my Outlook

JC CATTEAU jc.catteau at adhoc-com.com
Mon May 9 11:17:46 CEST 2005

I just installed Spam bayes 1.0.4 on my PC with Windows XP an Outlook 2003.
The SpamBayes Toolbar does not appear and is either not available in the
customize Toolbars section.
What happened and what can I do ?
Historical : Please note that I re-installed Spam Bayes after a bug and a
message "a very serious failure occured with Spam Bayes"
and I couldn't run it any more.
So I remove Spam Bayes from my computer, downloaded the latest version, 
deleted the previous Toolbar from the customize menu of Outlook,
re-installed the new SpamBayes. 
No new Spam bayes toolbar is displayed in my Outlook. So what ?
Thanks to help me.


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