[Spambayes] [spambayes-dev] spam bayes

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 10 01:19:11 CEST 2005

Please note that the spambayes-dev list is for discussion about the
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> How do I set the SpamBayes to collect my pop3 email?

Have you gone through the steps in the readme that the installer offers you?
If so, please let us know at which step you're having trouble, so we can
help further.  It would also help to know what mail program (e.g. Eudora,
Outlook Express, Thunderbird) you are using.  If you haven't read that
readme, then that's a good place to start.

> Is there any way to set it up so that I can do this "web based"?

The SpamBayes sb_server (for POP3, non-Outlook, mail) has a web interface
for reviewing messages and configuration, if that is what you mean.  If you
mean can you use it for reading your mail in a web browser, then no.
Likewise, if you mean can you use it with webmail (e.g. Hotmail, gmail), the
answer is also no.


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