[Spambayes] Must Start Filtering Manually

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 11 08:52:49 CEST 2005

> Problem:  Spambayes works great if I manually "start filtering"
> every time.
> Eeek - only expecting one row from IPC.MS.REN.USERFIELDS

This has been reported before:

[ 961019 ] Outlook2K3 spews warnings as it fails to create spam field

Unfortunately, we do not know what causes this, or what the solution to the
problem is.  It would be worth reading over the comments in that tracker
(and the related #1000192), and adding a comment to it.  This could just be
saying that you also experience the problem, or commenting on ways in which
your experience differs to that described.  Versions of Outlook, SpamBayes
and Windows would be good, and what sort of store (Exchange, Hotmail, IMAP,
pst) is being used.

[ 1000192 ] Weird Userfield errors in log every day

Hopefully we'll be able to figure out some sort of commonality at some
point, and be able to work from there towards a solution.  However, I do not
believe that this is likely to be soon (especially given that the SpamBayes
developers are all busy with other work right now), so if the comments in
the trackers don't help getting it working, you might want to consider not
using SpamBayes (for the moment, at least), unless manual filtering is

Not what you wanted to hear, probably, but that's how things are,


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