[Spambayes] filter misclassification

K. H. Gowranga gowranga at serc.iisc.ernet.in
Wed May 11 10:30:28 CEST 2005


Thanks for your hint and help. The culprit (I have hashed it now) was
found in my .procmailrc file, which reads as:

#* ^From:.*News
#| ${FORMAIL} -A"X-Folder: Bulk" >>${MAILDIR}/spam

:0 fw:hamlock
| sb_filter.py

* ^X-Spambayes-Classification: spam

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Tony Meyer wrote:

> The "X-Folder" header is not added by SpamBayes (you can grep through the
> source to verify that).   If there isn't a "X-Spambayes-Classification"
> header, then SpamBayes hasn't seen the message (unless there's a
> "X-Spambayes-Exception" header, which means it saw it and choked).
> Which SpamBayes script are you using?  sb_filter?  sb_imapfilter?
> sb_server?  (I suspect sb_filter).
> It sounds like the most likely explaination is that some other filter is
> moving the message.  Is that possible?  (Either a local filter or one
> upstream if this is on an IMAP server).
> =Tony.Meyer

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