[Spambayes] Folder counter doesn't update.

Doug Griesbaum DGriesbaum at SatisFusion.com
Wed May 11 15:43:11 CEST 2005

It appears to be the Firewall in SP2.  I added Outlook as an exception, and
now everything is refreshing as normal. 


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> I am using SpamBayes 1.0.4 and Windows XP SP2, with Outlook 2003.
> When spambayes moves a message to Junk Suspects or Junk Mail it 
> doesn't refresh the screen.  The message still appears in the inbox.
> When I try to click on the message to open it it says the message 
> doesn't exist any more.  I have to go to a different box and come back 
> for the message to disappear from the inbox and the counters to be 
> updated.

This is covered by FAQ 5.7:


Basically, many people see this, with various versions of
Windows/Outlook/Exchange (typically newer versions of each).  We don't know
why this occurs, or why it started occuring (it didn't originally), although
I suspect that appearance is related to a change in a version of

Basically, we move messages through MAPI as Microsoft documents.  Outlook
should then refresh the display (it knows that the message has moved, which
is why you can't open it), but doesn't.  No-one has been able to figure out
how to force a refresh.


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