[Spambayes] Doesn't work!

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 13 00:57:43 CEST 2005

> Your instructions are written for professionals.

No, but the instructions are written (for the most part) by programmers.  As
it says in many places, patches or (specific!) suggestions are welcome.

> You use phrases like " Have you changed your mail client
> to connect to "localhost", instead of directly to your mail
> server".. I have to assume that my local host is Road Runner 
> accessed via pop-server.sc.rr.com.

"localhost" means the machine that you are using.  You don't need to
understand that, just that you need to change the address of your mail
server to "localhost".  If anyone manages to get the autoconfigure script
finishes, then all that will be automatically done, anyway.


> I am connected to Road Runner.  My Incoming (POP-3) Mail Server
> is; pop-server.sc.rr.com The port it uses is 110.  When I load
> this into the POP Proxy Options and this is all I know about of
> which I can load, nothing happens.

You need to do these steps (you may have done some already):

  1.  Right-click on the little envelope icon that appears in the tray
(collection of icons by the clock) and choose "Configure...".

  2.  In the top box, enter the address of your mail server (e.g.

  3.  In the second box, put "110".

  4.  About halfway down the page, tick the "unsure" and "spam" boxes in the
"Notate To" option.

  5.  Click "Save" at the end of the page.

  6.  In Outlook Express, go to Accounts from the Tools menu.

  7.  Select the mail account (clicking the Mail tab might help find it).

  8.  Click Properties.

  9.  Click the Servers tab.

  10. In the "incoming" box, write "localhost" (without the quotes).

  11. Click Ok & close your way back out again, and you're done.

Now incoming mail will have "unsure," or "spam," in the recipient list (if
SpamBayes thinks it's unsure or spam).  You can setup rules to move those to
other folders, colour them, or whatever.


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