[Spambayes] Doesn't work!

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri May 13 01:48:39 CEST 2005

[Sam Sox]
>> You use phrases like " Have you changed your mail client
>> to connect to "localhost", instead of directly to your mail
>> server".. I have to assume that my local host is Road Runner
>> accessed via pop-server.sc.rr.com.

[Tony Meyer]
> "localhost" means the machine that you are using.  You don't need to
> understand that, just that you need to change the address of your mail
> server to "localhost".

In case that still isn't clear, we mean literally the 9-letter word on
the next line:


It doesn't matter who your ISP is, who your host is, etc.  The literal
word "localhost" (but without the quotation marks) is the thing to

It's possible that, if you have a badly configured machine, the name
"localhost" won't resolve.  If that happens, you could try typing in
exactly this string instead:

On a properly configured machine, they mean the same thing; here from
a little Python session:

>>> import socket
>>> print socket.gethostbyname("localhost")

You should note too that Outlook Express is a low-end mail
application, and using it makes everything harder for you than it
_could_ be.  That's fine, but you should expect some pain no matter
how carefully things are explained -- using OE here is plain

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