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Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 13 05:11:12 CEST 2005

> Tom, [sic] I went through the steps you outlined below.  SpamBay seems
> to be filtering my messages, tho as I read it, it isn't putting 
> some of them in any boxes which is what I've been observing.  Printout
> of that page:
> SpamBayes: Watching (for incremental training) in 'Gerald/Junk E-mail'
> Message 'Does your girl like surprises?' in 'Gerald/Inbox' had a Spam
> classification of 'Unsure'

This message should be in your unsure folder.

> Message 'RE: BLUE HILLS May 19th @ Blue Hills' in 
> 'Gerald/Inbox' had a Spam classification of 'No'

This message should be in your inbox.

> Message 'try our name-brand cheap soft today' in 
> 'Gerald/Inbox' had a Spam classification of 'Yes'

This message should be in the 'Gerald/Junk E-mail' folder.

> Moving and spam training message 'RE: [Spambayes] Help' -  Training on
> message 'RE: [Spambayes] Help' in 'Gerald/Inbox -  trained as spam
> Training on message 'RE: [Spambayes] Help' in 'Gerald/Inbox - 
>  trained as good

This is confusing.  The first bit is training my reply to you (from the
subject) as spam, and moving it to the spam folder.  The second bit is
training it as good.  It looks like you selected the message, clicked
"Delete as Spam", then found it in the Junk folder and dragged it back to
the Inbox.  Is that right?  If so, then you are definitely looking at the
right Junk folder.

> When I look at my [view] filter settings, they are indeed turned 
> off.

That's what they should be.

If the messages in the log aren't appearing where the log says they are, and
the view filters are off, then my only thought is that maybe something else
is moving them.  What happens if you disable SpamBayes?  (Either uninstall
or untick the "Enable Filtering" box in the SpamBayes Manager dialog).  Does
mail still vanish?  What happens if you put mail in the Junk/Unsure folders?
Does it stay there?

With SpamBayes enabled, what happens if you manually move a message to the
unsure/junk folder?  Does it stay there?

What type of store was this?  (Apologies if you've already said).  Exchange,
Hotmail or IMAP?  If so, then maybe something running on the server is
moving them?  If it's a local PST file, then it'd have to be something on
your machine.


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