[Spambayes] Windows 2003 Server SP1 breaks Outlook Plugin?

Sean Covel seanecovel at comcast.net
Fri May 13 16:25:40 CEST 2005


Tony Meyer wrote:
> That isn't a good sign.  I believe that the OutlookAddin class is
> instantiated by Outlook when it loads the COM addin.  If __init__ produces
> output that means that that's going ok, but then Outlook is meant to call
> the OnConnection method of the addin (this is how it goes for all addins).
> If that doesn't get called, then I really don't know what to do - AFAIK
> SpamBayes doesn't do anything at all between the end of __init__ and the
> start of OnConnection; it's all Outlook.
> You could try unregistering SpamBayes, and registering the Outlook addin
> demo that pywin32 includes (probably
> C:\Python2X\Lib\site-packages\win32com\demos\outlookAddin.py).  The comments
> in the file explain how to use it, but it's like the SpamBayes one, really.
> (Run it with --debug on the command line).  All it does is add a little
> toolbar to Outlook with example buttons.
> I suspect that this addin will crash Outlook just like SpamBayes does, again
> between __init__ (which doesn't exist - i.e. does nothing) and OnConnection.
> If it does, then this has really passed the stage where I will be of any
> use.  The best thing would be to post a message to the pywin32 mailing list
> saying that the demo addin crashes in this way with 2003 Server SP1, that
> you've narrowed it down to between the end of __init__ and the start of
> OnConnection, and that PythonWin similarly crashes (maybe opening PythonWin
> does something COM related?).

This is a good test.  This is what I've been looking for...

That way I can determine if its SpamBayes, or pywin32.  If it IS
pywin32, then I can post to their list and maybe get some help.  I
suspect that Mark is hoping its a SpamBayes problem, and he's hoping you
guys will figure it out.

I'll test the demo plugin and let you know what I find.  Thanks for the


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