[Spambayes] Suddenly can't connect

Claude Jones claude_jones at levitjames.com
Sat May 14 23:32:54 CEST 2005

Claude Jones wrote:
| I'm running Spambayes as a proxy under Fedora Core 3 using Kmail
| as my client. It's been working fine. I've had a few seemingly
| unrelated problems this afternoon but suddenly Kmail returns an
| error trying to get mail saying it can't connect to localhost.
| I can connect to localhost with my browser and get into the
| Spambayes configuration page just fine. Configuration is fine,
| and it allows me train on messages.
| I can fire up Evolution which is not configured to use Spambayes
| and go out and get mail just fine.
| I've checked the faq but none of the troubleshooting suggestions
| seem to apply. The problem I had earlier had to with a script
| that I'd configured to run itself - it got into a closed loop
| and ground my machine to a halt. It had nothing to do with com
| ports or servers or anything like that. Any one have an idea of
| what else I can check, or are there additional resources to look
| through on line?

Here's a followup to myself. It would appear that something has
become corrupted:

On the configuration page where it says POP3 Proxy Options and
SMTP Proxy Options there are correct values filled in; a little
further down that same configuration page, the same sections are
repeated, and there are no values entered in the fields - if I try
to click in one of these empty fields, the whole page jumps
upwards to the region where there are values already filled in. It
would appear that this part of the program has been corrupted in
some way. Now, my question is do I have to do a complete
uninstall/reinstall, or can someone think of a less drastic
measure. It would be nice not to lose all the training effort I
put into it so far.

Claude Jones
Levit & James, Inc./WTVS
Leesburg, VA, USA

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