[Spambayes] Logs, Header Options, etc.

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 16 04:15:45 CEST 2005

> I use Windows XP, Spam Bayes 1.0.3 and have the following log 
> for each of the 4 days I've been using the service:
> Service not available. Using thread.

By "service", do you mean SpamBayes, or are you referring to the Windows
service version of SpamBayes?  If the latter, then the service isn't running
(the standard threaded version is, instead).  The Windows event log, or the
SpambayesServiceX.log files, will have details about why.  (Or you can run
pop3proxy_service.exe in debug mode).

> Loading database... Listener on port 110 is proxying 
> postoffice.att.net:110
> User interface url is http://localhost:8880/
> I confess I don't understand that log file.

It's just saying that everything is working.  You're proxying
postoffice.att.net:110 on localhost:110, which is presumably correct.  The
user interface is accessible via http://localhost:8880.

> Thinking it might want me to designate my port as 8880,

No!  8880 is the port on which the web interface runs.  110 is the port that
a POP3 service typically runs, so is a good choice for the proxy.

> I tried to set a filter in my email client (Calypso 3.30) as
> indicated in the Header Options, seeking to divert any  
> mail with "spam," in the header to Calypso's Wastebasket. 

I'm not familiar with Calypso, but if it lets you filter on arbitrary
headers, then you should look for a "X-Spambayes-Classification" header with
values of "spam", "unsure", or "ham" (no quotes).  There will be no comma,
just the word.

If you can't filter on arbitrary headers (AFAIK Outlook Express is the only
mail client to be this limited) then you'll have to ensure that the "notate
to" or "notate subject" SpamBayes options are enabled, and filter on either
the "To:" or "Subject:" headers.  With the subject, the classification will
be separated from the actual subject by a comma.  With the "To:" header, it
depends how Calypso treats the header (SpamBayes 1.1 will be better in this

> I have read the FAQ and even gone to the Wiki page 
> (obviously not aimed at my level of user).

The FAQ ought to be aimed at beginning users.  If you've got any suggestions
for wording etc that would make it clearer, please let us know.  The wiki is
whatever people put there, really.  It does tend to be more advanced stuff,
yes (but there's nothing stopping anyone creating some wiki pages aimed at
beginning users).


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