[Spambayes] Suddenly can't connect - Solved!

Claude Jones claude_jones at levitjames.com
Mon May 16 21:16:18 CEST 2005

On Saturday 14 May 2005 9:25 pm, Claude Jones wrote:
> Where things stand now in summary:
> With my normal configuration an attempt to get mail results in a long delay
> and then an error "unable to connect to localhost"
> If I remove localhost from Kmail's configuration and put back the ISP and
> port 110, I connect just fine.
> >From my browser, I can connect to the Spambayes configuration page just
> > fine.
> Any suggestions gladly accepted...

I chanced upon this solution by accident. I once again tried to put localhost 
and port 8110 in my Kmail client pop settings - I again got 'cannot connect 
to localhost'
I checked the access to the configuration page through Firefox and it came up, 
so I obviously was connecting - I still had the anomaly of the doubled up 
display of settings in Firefox...
I opened the configuration page in Konqueror - as it was loading I noticed in 
the URL address field that instead of localhost:8880 it was coming up as 
viewridgeproductions.com: 8880 which is my machine name - 
I put the viewridgeproductions.com address in my Kmail pop setting and 
everything started working.
It's a mystery - I don't know why this changed - If I go to my hosts file, 
viewridgeproductions.com is aliased to localhost, just as it should be - so 
why is localhost not working in my email settings, and why did it suddenly 
stop working after working fine for a long time? - go figure...
Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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