[Spambayes] Setup in WinXP & Outlook Express 6

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 17 07:03:21 CEST 2005

> The problem I am having is [...] Setup to sort messages in
> Outlook Express 6.  

Assuming that you have already setup SpamBayes correctly (including
selecting the "notate to" option), to setup filtering in Outlook Express, do
the following.  (If you haven't setup SpamBayes, you'll need to do that,

1.  Create two new folders in Outlook Express, one called "Possible Junk"
and one called "Junk Mail".

2.  Do Tools->Message Rules->Mail.

3.  Click "New" to create a new rule (I think that if there are no existing
rules it will do this for you).

4.  Click "Where the To line contains people" in the top box, and "Move it
to the specified folder" in the second box.

5.  Click the blue "contains people" in the third box and type "unsure" (no
quotes), then click "Add", then click "Ok".

6.  Click the blue "specified folder" in the third box and find and select
the "Possible Junk" folder that you made in step 1, then click "Ok".

7.  In the fourth box, name the rule "SpamBayes unsure"

8.  Repeat steps 3 through 8, but type "spam" rather than "unsure", choose
the "Junk Mail" folder, and name the rule "SpamBayes spam"

9.  Click Ok.

Mail will now be split between your Inbox, the Possible Junk folder, and the
Junk Mail folder, depending on how it was classified.  You do training by
double-clicking the envelope icon and filling out the review page that

Note that there is a flaw in this method: if you get mail from someone who
has "unsure" or "spam" in their email address, those messages will also be
moved.  (The problem comes about because Outlook Express is so limited in
the filtering it can do).  There is a way to workaround this, so let us know
if it's a problem.  When the final 1.1 release is made, it will avoid this
problem (instead of just "unsure", it adds "unsure at spambayes.invalid").


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