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Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 17 07:20:58 CEST 2005

>>> Moving and spam training message 'RE: [Spambayes] Help' -  
>>> Training on message 'RE: [Spambayes] Help' in 'Gerald/Inbox -
>>>  trained as spam 
>>> Training on message 'RE: [Spambayes] Help' in 'Gerald/Inbox -
>>>  trained as good
>> This is confusing.  The first bit is training my reply to you 
>> (from the subject) as spam, and moving it to the spam folder.  The
>> second bit is training it as good.  It looks like you selected the
>> message, clicked "Delete as Spam", then found it in the Junk folder
>> and dragged it back to the Inbox.  Is that right?
> I have not deleted any messeges as Spam. If they are span, I've been
> dragging them to the "junk email" folder and then later deleting them
> (but not "delete as spam")  I certainly would not have dragged
> one back to the inbox, unless I made an error.

The *only* way that the "Moving and spam training" message can get written
to the log is as a result of clicking the "Delete As Spam" button.  Moving
messages by dragging them between folders (or any other way) will generate
the "Training on message" messages, but *not* that one.

So either you did use the "Delete As Spam" button somehow, or someone else
did, or this log doesn't match the session (e.g. maybe it's really old, and
new ones aren't being created because SpamBayes is disabled).

> this system is still not working properly.  This morning downloaded 8
> messages, but only actually can see 2 of them.  Both went into "Junk
> Suspects" even tho I had received emails from those 2 parties 
> in recent days and dragged them to Inbox.  The other 6 are nowhere to be 
> seen.

What does the log say for them?  If SpamBayes is processing those messages,
then there should be a log entry for each one of those eight messages.  Two
should end with "had a Spam classification of 'Unsure'", and the others
should end with either "had a Spam classification of 'Spam'", or "had a Spam
classification of 'Ham'".

There are three possibilities:

  1.  Classification of "Spam".  SpamBayes will have moved this to the spam
folder.  Check that you're looking in the right spam folder (e.g. by using
the "Delete As Spam" button, which will move a message to the spam folder).

  2.  Classification of "Ham".  SpamBayes doesn't move these.  If it's
moved, then something else is doing it.

  3.  Not in the log.  SpamBayes doesn't know about the messages.  Something
else is getting to it before SpamBayes.

>> What happens if you disable SpamBayes?  (Either uninstall
>> or untick the "Enable Filtering" box in the SpamBayes Manager 
>> dialog).  Does mail still vanish?  What happens if you put mail
>> in the Junk/Unsure folders? Does it stay there?
>> With SpamBayes enabled, what happens if you manually move a 
>> message to the unsure/junk folder?  Does it stay there?

Have you tried any of these?

Again, what type of store is this? Exchange, Hotmail or IMAP?  If so, then
maybe something running on the server is moving them?  If it's a local PST
file, then it'd have to be something on your machine.


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