[Spambayes] Help

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 17 07:32:26 CEST 2005

Opps.  Replying out of order, sorry.

> The message you indicate would 
> have gone to junk may have and I may have already deleted it. 

So you definitely do see mail appearing in your spam folder?  ("Junk Mail",
or whatever it is called).

> What is clear is that I do not have an UNSURE folder.  I 
> have a Junk Suspect folder, and clearly they are not going 
> there.

SpamBayes knows about three folders - your inbox (actually any folder(s)
that it's watching for new mail), an "unsure" folder, where it puts mail it
isn't sure about, and a "spam" folder, where it puts mail it thinks is spam.
You can name these folders whatever you like; the configuration wizard uses
"Junk Suspects" for the unsure folder and "Junk E-Mail" for the spam folder
(to match Outlook 2003's junk folder name).

If I refer to the unsure folder, I mean the one that SpamBayes is set to put
unsure mail in.  This could very possibly be called "Junk Suspects".
Apologies for the confusion.

> On my blackberry, I am getting JUNK that is not 
> appearing on my Outlook now, when it clearly did before 
> installing SpamBayes.

And the mail that appears on the blackberry doesn't appear in the SpamBayes
spam folder ("Junk E-Mail"), correct?  The question is whether it appears in
the log, which means SpamBayes processed it, or not.

> I do generate a .pst file in outlook.

So you get mail from a POP3 server?  In other words, you're not using
Hotmail, or an Exchange server (the latter would be likely in a work


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