[Spambayes] Using Spambayes Outlook plugin with french translation

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 17 07:39:21 CEST 2005

> I've been trying to use Spambayes (Outlook Plugin, mostly) 
> with a french translation for days, with the source release
> or the binary release.

Loading the translated dialogs is broken in the 1.1a1 source, sorry.  I
checked in a fix for this a while back, so it should work with 1.1a2 (and
works from CVS now).

> I can see the dialog.rc for the french translation in the 
> spambayes\languages\fr\ressources but I can't use it in 
> Outlook, even if I change the english dialogs to french.
> In the readmedev.txt, it says that changing the os language 
> should make it work (it's already in french) or "Get the '[globals] 
> language' SpamBayes option to a list of the preferred language(s)."

The 'fallback' mechanism was also broken in 1.1a1 (sorry).  This means that
if the language was set to fr_FR (French French, rather than e.g. Canadian
French) and it didn't exist, then it wouldn't manage to fall back on fr
(generic French).  Again, I checked in a fix for 1.1a2/CVS.

I don't know for sure about the problem with the OS language not working (I
suspect it's saying that the language is fr_FR), but I'm guessing that
that's the problem.

Try opening up the default_bayes_customize.ini file in the SpamBayes data
directory and adding:


To it (rather than fr_FR).  That ought to work.


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