[Spambayes] Unable to download zipped copy of Spambayes from any ofyour sites

Seth Goodman sethg at GoodmanAssociates.com
Fri May 20 19:52:45 CEST 2005

I just tested this and the download from SourceForge works properly using
Firefox without resorting to the trick you mentioned.  I downloaded both the
.zip and the .exe and was able to open the .zip with no errors.  My setup is
Windows2K SP4 with Firefox 1.04.

I don't recall having any SourceForge download problems with earlier version
of Firefox, though I can't definitely say I have done it.  So we can't tell
if this is a Firefox pre-1.04 version problem or a Firefox on WinXP
(guessing from Jacob's screen shot) problem.  At any rate, it's worth a try
with Firefox 1.04, if you aren't already using it.  I don't have any WinXP
machines here, so I can't test this.  If Firefox 1.04 has this problem on
WinXP but not on Win2K, that's probably worth a Firefox bug report.


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> If you are using Firefox there is a problem with Firefox and
> SourceForge.  I run into this all the time.  You actually downloaded the
> HTML page for SourceForge's odd download scheme.
> To work around it, right-click the download link and select "open link
> in a new tab."  The typical SourceForge download (select your default
> mirror blah blah) will appear in the new tab, and the download will begin.
> Sean

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