[Spambayes] Log File Growth

Kyle Goetz kyle.goetz at mail.utexas.edu
Mon May 23 14:40:38 CEST 2005

OS: Windows XP Home Service Pack 2
SpamBayes: version 1.0.4, binary

My log file grows until it fills up my hard drive (currently 4 GB in size). I have read the ML archive and have seen that people have had this problem with 1.0.3. Also, someone on the ML stated that the problem would be fixed with 1.0.4. However, it obviously isn't since I'm using the newest version. The cause is most likely due to my intermittent wireless connection. It drops occasionally, and I have read that this is could be the cause (the writing of connection errors to the log file).

Just letting you know before I most likely switch to the source version and edit out the code that writes to a log file.

Thanks for the awesome program -- it served me well, even before my HDD crash. I can only assume I was using 1.0.1 or earlier at that time, as I never had this problem before. Also, do I need to subscribe to the ML to see everyone's answers to my problem? The site did not specify.

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