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Kenny Pitt kenny.pitt at gmail.com
Tue May 24 23:22:39 CEST 2005

According to your logfile, you've trained "4 spam and 412 good" messages.
This is almost certainly the reason for your problem.
This is an *extreme* oversimplification of the mathematics in SpamBayes, but
the SpamBayes filter basically boils down to taking each word in the message
and comparing the percentage of spam messages that contain the word to the
percentage of good messages that contain the word. Let's say you have a word
that appears in 2 spam messages. That's 50% (2/4). To get an equal 50% of
good messages to balance the spam percentage, the word would have to appear
in 206 good messages (206/412 = 50%). As you can see, it doesn't take nearly
as many occurrences of a word to make it seem spammy as it does to make it
seem good.
To solve the problem, I would start by resetting your training data and
starting over from scratch. To do that, first close Outlook and then go to
your "\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\SpamBayes" directory
and delete the *.db files. Now restart Outlook. With no training data, any
new messages should go to your "Unsure" or "Possible Spam" folder. Select
each unsure message and select either "Delete as Spam" or "Recover from
Spam" to train SpamBayes with the correct classification. With a little
training, SpamBayes will soon start identifying new messages as either good
or spam. Just keep an eye on the results and use the toolbar buttons to
train any messages that SpamBayes classifies incorrectly or as unsure. You
should find that the accuracy of the SpamBayes filter will increase very
You can read more about training on the SpamBayes wiki. This particular
style of training is referred to as TrainOnErrorsAndUnsures on the wiki.
Kenny Pitt


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Thanks for the tip. Here is the log file.

There is no server side filter too.



From: Kenny Pitt [mailto:kenny.pitt at gmail.com] 
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If SpamBayes is running and moving messages to the Spam folder then it
should also be creating a log file. Try searching your hard disk for any
file named "spambayes?.log" (where ? could be any of the digits 1, 2, 3, or
4). The log file would be very helpful in determining what is causing this.


You could also use the "Show spam clues" command in the SpamBayes menu and
send us the clues for one of the messages that was incorrectly moved to the
Spam folder. The clues will usually allow us to determine if there is a
training problem that is causing the misclassification.


If there really is no log file on your disk then it is highly unlikely that
it is SpamBayes that is moving the messages. In that case, you should check
if there is another spam filter running or if you have any message rules
that might be moving the messages. If you are connecting to an Exchange
server, there is also a slight possibility that your organization might be
running a server-side spam filter that is moving the messages before you
access them.



Kenny Pitt




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All of my email is being filtered as spam. I goes directly to the Spam
folder. I checked you trouble shooting guide, but still could not fix. I
even upgraded to your latest version of SpamBayes...1.0.4 (March 2005) Can
you help?

Thank you.



Darrell Rogers 


Op System isWindows 2000 running Outlook 2000

SpamBayes 1.0.4 (March 2005)

There was no log file


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