[Spambayes] [spambayes-dev] ham goes not left to the original folder - Outlook2003

camel@rocam.com camel at rocam.com
Wed May 25 01:44:48 CEST 2005

Thanks for answer ....
I'm using version 1.1a and it runs absulote stable ....
Anyway - but the imap problem is even the same.
The mail goes back to the default local folder "inbox" and not to the imap

Maybe you can plan a "email-not spam"-defaulkt folder option.

I look in outlook.ini too - but it looks ok for me.

Normally i work so:

I have amount 300 dirs in imap box and round 50.000mails in archiv
All the mails come to one folder "inbox" and from there i filter spams.
These i move to "SPAM"-folder in imap structure.
So - well then i check the SPAM-folder and found a "ham-mail"
Then i click on "not spam" and it goes even time to folder "inbox" in local,
which outlook even need and i can't set teh imap folder to default inbox
folder from outlook, because the real "inbox" must be even on a local
And correct imap folders can't save special infos about an email and which
the place was before...
So i think an extra option for that would be fine.
Cu camel

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> > ham goes not left to the original folder - Outlook 2003....
> > 
> > My original folder is (IMAP) inbox
> > Then after spam-filtering it goes to folder "SPAM"
> > Bu then i go to folder "SPAM" -> take one of this mails and 
> click an 
> > NOT SPAM"-icon Then the programm move it to thew lokal 
> INBOX - and not 
> > to the IMAP-inbox folder.
> Are you using the latest version (1.0.4)?  If not, upgrading 
> *might* help.
> If you look in your log, you will probably see entries that 
> say something like "Moving back to original folder; can't 
> find original folder, moving to default inbox instead" (I 
> can't recall what the exact wording is).
> The problem is that SpamBayes tries to save information about 
> the message (the folder it was originally in) when it moves 
> the message.  This means it knows where to move it back to.  
> Sometimes Outlook stores (particularly IMAP
> ones) do not let you save additional information with 
> messages, however.
> This means that SpamBayes can't remember where it originally 
> was.  It needs to put it somewhere, so it takes a best guess, 
> which is to the default store's inbox (where incoming 
> non-IMAP mail will go to).
> There are two possible solutions:
>   1.  If possible, you could change the default store to the 
> IMAP account, so that SpamBayes would fall back to the right 
> folder.  This will change where mail arrives, though, so you 
> may not wish to do this.
>   2.  SpamBayes 1.1 has as fix for this (the information is 
> also stored locally, so it can fall back to that).  1.1 is in 
> alpha at the moment, but IIRC there haven't been many reports 
> about problems with the Outlook plug-in.  So you could try 
> downloading 1.1a1 and using that.
> =Tony.Meyer
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