[Spambayes] [spambayes-dev] - a new idea .... Spam filtering per hand with delete option also !?

camel@rocam.com camel at rocam.com
Wed May 25 09:46:17 CEST 2005

I known there is no delete function for SPAM-filtering for folders, because
it would be to dangerous...but for spam-folder it would help me

But i will tell you for what i would be very helpfull ...

.) IMAP-System example

I have folder "Inbox" , "SPAM" and "Trash" and also a lot of archiv-folders

1.) So in the options i only check the folder "Inbox" and move all
SPAM-mails to "SPAM".

2.) sometimes i check manually per hand the spam-folder - after that i
delete all messages and a copy is also in "Trash" after that .....

Well - NOW - how can i clean the trash-folder ???
With an "filter manually for SPAM and delete these messages" would be very
(and there can be also some warnings on "delete" of course :) 

When i filter the "Trash"-folder mit the normal SPAM filter option the mails
would be moved to "SPAM", then i can deleted there once again and a double
effekt would then happen :)

I hope it is clear why an delete option would be great :)

Cu camel

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