[Spambayes] Multi-User configuration

Robert McFadden rmcfadden at mucc.org
Thu May 26 00:20:09 CEST 2005

I'm looking to setup SpamBayes for a small network of users, about 25,
who are all using Outlook 2002. I would ideally like the spam database
to be shared across by everyone, and to be able to use the Outlook
plugin for easy training by the users.
It looks like I could set up each client to look at a shared drive on a
file server, and then just make sure that their profile name was unique
(which is all easy enough). It seems to be working ok for the two test
machines I have sharing the database. I created the initial database
from from a large sample (about 400 spam and 400 good messages), and now
each is able to add new spam or good messages to the filter as they go.
It seems like they are using a personal copy of the DB when Outlook is
opened, and while changes they make to the database are apparent
immediately, changes the other user(s) make aren't seen until Outlook is
That's all fine, but I want to be sure if I will run into any trouble
doing this on a larger scale, with all 25 users.
Thanks in advance,
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