[Spambayes] Using spamcounts.py

Erik Brown kirebrow at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 1 12:03:44 CEST 2005


I ran across this message on the forums a few years back:
and I want to try the same thing to analyze all of my tokens.

For some reason, when I use spamcounts.py -r '.*' to export to CVS I get an
error message below. (I'm running the outlook addin from source.)  How do I
specify a path?

    exec codeObject in __main__.__dict__
  File "F:\!Programs\SpamBayes From Source\spambayes\contrib\spamcounts.py",
line 27, in ?
    from spambayes.Options import options, get_pathname_option
ImportError: No module named spambayes.Options

Erik Brown

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