[Spambayes] Inspecting images (was: SpamBayes to HandleEmbeddedImages)

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> Of course, whatever the approach, the images must be fetched, 
> which often means letting the spammer know that you've 
> received (and seemingly
> viewed) their message, which encourages more messages.  If 
> such a feature were to be added, it should be disabled by default.

This is probably a completely different type of message we
have been discussing.  Those messages that use links to 
web based storage usually (almost always) provide enough
info for the Statistical filters to determine their 

The ones that are truly hard are those with the image
embedded directly into the mail as a direct attachment.

These latter do not give away their receipt when showing
the message and are generally harder, but not impossible,
to statistically filter.

Greylisting will stop the large majority of them -- DNS
blacklists can stop most of them too.

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