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Have you tried the suggestions in
As for training, the recommended (simplest and typically most effective)
approach is the obvious one: when SpamBayes puts something in the Unsure
folder or misclassifies a message (thinks it's spam when it's not or
vice versa), use the "Delete as Spam" or "Recover as Spam" button as
appropriate to train SpamBayes. People typically find that
classification improves rapidly; training on ten or so messages often
leads to good results. If you're not getting good results, it may be
worth discarding the training database and starting over.
There's no way to tell SpamBayes that certain words only occur in spam.
The process of scoring messages as ham or spam works by looking at how
often the words in a message appear in other messages that you have
indicated are spam and/or ham. This tends to work better than simple
black-and-white filtering. For instance, to use your example, if a
friend writes to tell that she's buying a house and looking for a
recommendation for bank to get a mortgage from, filtering only on
mortgage would mean that message is discarded. SpamBayes would look at
every word in the message, and if you've done a good job of training, it
would probably decide that the message is not spam. Another example: I
get lots of messages discussing Cialis, meds, mortgages, etc, and the
spam is almost all correctly classified as such, but your message got
through, because SpamBayes was able to determine that the despite the
presence of these "spammy" terms, your message actually wasn't spam.
(That's pretty cool, when you think about it!)


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	Why did my tool bar items for SpamBayes disappear?  
	IS there a way to HELP train mine?  It sure isn't learning very
	For example; Is there a way to give it certain words like
Cialis, meds, mortgage, etc. so it dumps anything containing those into
the Junk folder?!
	(I can't find answers to those ?s in your FAQ, AND I'm not
familiar with all the software jargon, either.  A simple answer would be
most appreciated.)
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