[Spambayes] Whitelisting for spam reports

Manuel Hewitt mhewitt at web.de
Sat Oct 15 11:23:29 CEST 2005


i would really like to see a whitelist implemented.
Here is why:
i report spam to spamcop and sometimes i get replies from the abuse
appartments. These replies include almost always the old spam message
that i reported.
I think it would be good for the detection accuracy of ham/spam if these
replies where not entered in the database. One half of these emails
consist of spamtokens and the other half not. Doesn't this confuse the
filters? I think, it does. I mark these messages as ham, because they
are ham. And so i decrease the spam probability of the spam words that
were quoted in the mail.

I know that WL is not useful as a substitute for good filters in the
email client. I filter my friends out before the spam filter does its
work. I could also filter out the spamcop reports, but that is not the
point. I still don't want these "hybrid" mails entered in the database.

As a normal PC user i don't have access to the mailserver, so i can't
redirect these messages before they reach my PC.

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