[Spambayes] Whitelisting for spam reports

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Oct 16 01:23:29 CEST 2005

>> Assuming that you're training only on any mistakes & unsures, then
>> both ham and spam should be set to default to 'discard' anyway.  Is
>> it really that much of a problem to have these in the list when they
>> don't cause any extra work?
> Well, that does only apply if the assumption is valid. I prefer to
> always train everything to keep my filter up2date.

Research has shown, in every case, that this will give you inferior  
results to training on errors & unsures only.

>> So write one and submit a patch.  However, you're wrong.  Have you
>> read the comments from Mark that are linked to from that FAQ entry?
>> They discuss the difficulty of adding whitelisting (he's talking
>> about adding to the Outlook plug-in, but it mostly all applies to
>> sb_server as well).
> OK, my fault, i think i overrated the abilities of the developers.

Being insulting is certainly not the way to convince people to do  
something for you.  You didn't answer the question - have you read  
Mark's comments?  Do you have solutions for the problems that he  


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