[Spambayes] Free SpamBayes eBook

Bill Hely bill.hely at helyholdings.com
Thu Oct 20 03:52:15 CEST 2005

Hi all.

Ill be shutting down the autoresponder offer on the weekend, so
if you use the SpamBayes Outlook Plug-in and would like a free
preview copy of my book, don't delay.

Here are the details again in case you missed my original

> Hi all.
> I have just completed my new eBook titled "Spam Warfare:
> Microsoft Outlook Edition". It's a comprehensive treatment of
> spam, built around the SpamBayes Outlook plug-in, and written
> end-user language. It's not aimed at you experts but I do need
> your help.
> Before going to market I would like to get some informed
> feedback, so for a few days I'm offering a free copy to any
> member of the SpamBayes forum willing give me that feedback.
> All I ask is that you write me a brief critique (ideas,
> suggestions, corrections) or - even better - a testimonial.
> The book is a 2MB password-protected PDF. Password and download
> directions delivered via autoresponder. It's double-opt-in
> is, requires eMail confirmation) because I want to discourage
> people from signing up their friends. It's you SpamBayes
> I want feedback from for now.
> For your free copy just send a blank eMail to:
> mailto:SpamBayesMember at Aweber.com?subject=Warfare-review-copy
> I'll never share your details with anyone for any reason, and
> list will be deleted when this review process is over.
> Thanks for your interest and assistance.
>  - Bill Hely
>  - Author: "Spam Warfare: Microsoft Outlook Edition"

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