[Spambayes] "Suspects" folder missing

Tony Walton twalton at bluemarble.net
Sat Oct 29 00:29:01 CEST 2005


For several weeks now when I receive some email messages, I see them appear
in my inbox and then disappear.  Unfortunately, some of these messages are
not Spam.

Today, I thought that I would do some checking and as I read the material, I
realized that I don't have a "suspects" folder.  I'm hopeful that the
missing emails are there but I can't locate that folder.  I even right
clicked on the Outlook tool bar and Spambayes is checked. I unchecked and
rechecked it and I still only show "Delete as Spam".  There is no "suspects"
button.  Is that where my emails are ending up?

This is making me crazy.


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