[Spambayes] users should share database

Mag. Arno Schoblocher schoblocher at zoppoth.net
Wed Sep 7 16:37:34 CEST 2005


I tested the outlook add-in twice now but I could not make it work: I am
trying to have a central database for all users, however, it does not work
because the user-based ini-file on the central network drive has always the
same name (eg. outlook.ini, or MS Exchange Settings.ini) for every user.

So, for one user the network share works, if another user starts he
overwrites the existing "outlook.ini" file with his personal data also named
"outlook.ini" (eg. outlook folder names).

My problem behind is that I would like to know if I can install Spambayes on
a Windows 2000 SP4 Terminal Server running Outlook XP (Office XP), however,
I could not find any useful instruction for installation in readme-files and
the mail archives.

How do I install the Spambayes outlook addin with a central spam database on
a Win2k Terminal Server or Win2k Pro with multiple users? I would very much
appreciate if someone could add an article about how to install Spambayes on
a Windows multi user system (Win2k Pro or Win2k/2k3 server) additionally to
the existing documentation.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. I installed the software (with change user
/install on the TS), run 
outlook_addin_register.exe hkey_local_machine
edit the ini-file to use the network share.

When starting Outlook the wizard comes up, however, everybody writes to the
same ini-file.



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