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Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Fri Sep 9 17:46:45 CEST 2005

It looks like you're using Outlook Express, so
outlook-express might help (in particular, steps 8 through 14).
A note to whoever the FAQ maintainer(s): could steps 3 - 7 be moved
after the steps currently numbered 8 - 14? The current step 12 could
then include an instruction to write down the POP3 server name before
overwriting it, and the current step 4 could make reference to the
recorded value. The result would be something like:

1.	Download the latest version of SpamBayes from the download page
<http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/download.html> .
2.	Run the installer - you want "sb_server", not the Outlook
3.	Open Outlook Express.
4.	From the "Tools" menu, choose "Accounts".
5.	Select your mail account and click "Properties".
6.	Click the "Servers" tab.
7.	Write down the contents of in the "incoming mail server" field
(this is the name of your POP3 server), then change the name to
"localhost" (no quotes).
8.	Click "OK".
9.	Click "Close".
10.	Open the SpamBayes configuration page at
http://localhost:8880/config (you can do this via the tray application,
or just type that address into your browser).
11.	Enter your POP3 server's name (which you wrote down in step 7)
in the top box ("Remote Servers").
12.	Enter "110" (no quotes) in the second box ("SpamBayes ports").
13.	Tick the "unsure" and "spam" boxes in the "Notate to" option,
about halfway down the page.
14.	Click the "Save configuration" button at the end of the page.


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	I am a true computer neophyte and I tried to set up SpamBayes,
but I do not know how to change my mail client to connect to localhost
instead of directly to my mail server.  How do I do this?
	Debbie @ shaydeb at peoplepc.com

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