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Natalie Keng contact at nkonline.org
Tue Sep 13 05:09:23 CEST 2005

Hi, I hope this is the right list to use. I just installed SB after a friend
recommended it. I'm not an advanced techie but I think it's working pretty
well, except for one thing and I don't know what's happening. When I first
open outlook and msgs are being downloaded, I see them appearing in my
inbox, then in a matter of seconds a few of them start disappearing, like an
invisible hand is deleting them into thin air. They are nowhere to be found
in any folder (not in Deleted, Junk Mail/Suspects etc). Can't find them
anywhere and they are real msgs, not spam.

Can you help me find my messages!?? and how to stop them from being "stolen"
from my inbox? 


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