[Spambayes] 1.1a1 installation oddity

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Sep 13 11:04:10 CEST 2005

> I left "View welcome.html" checked on the final page of the wizard,  
> and
> much to my surprise, the file was opened in Notepad when I exited the
> installer.  Items in Outlook's SpamBayes > Help menu all open in
> programs that render the HTML.  (For some reason, "About SpamBayes"  
> and
> "Troubleshooting Guide" open in Netscape Composer.  Other items in the
> menu open in my default browser as expected.)

If you double-click an .html file in Windows Explorer, does it open  
in the browser?  If you look in the Internet Options (or whatever  
it's called; I'm using my Mac at the moment so can't check) control  
panel, are the helper applications set correctly?

Do you have Python installed?  If you do, could you run:

   python -c "import webbrowser;webbrowser.open('http://spambayes.org')"

And see which application opens?


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