[Spambayes] Bug?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 18:19:07 CEST 2005

> ...
> I continue to have intermittent problems with email downloading – and have
> to shut down Windows to restart and correct the problem.  As part of the
> shut down, Windows tells me that a program called ThorConnWndClass is not
> responding and that it is shutting it down.  It gives me the option of
> shutting it down immediately.
> Is this problem related to Spam Baye?

Sorry, almost certainly not.  Go to


and enter


in the search box.  You'll get back links to hundreds of messages;
sampling the links on the first page suggests many people have the
same problem with it that you're having.  It's an entry point in a
Microsoft DLL.  SpamBayes didn't/doesn't use it, although Outlook
itself does.  Yours is the first to mention ThorConnWndClass and
SpamBayes in the same message ;-)

You might want to try throwing away all messages on your email server.
 It's possible that some particularly nasty message is causing
problems for Outlook, and that the problem will never go away while
that message still exists on the server.  If so, it's also possible
that SpamBayes had nothing to do with the slowdown you first noticed.

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