[Spambayes] Spambayes and Public folders

Dave Tonner dave_tonner at cbcradio3.com
Fri Sep 16 22:04:12 CEST 2005

Hi Tony:

Thanks for your note.

Public folders exhibit strange behaviour!  By default (unless you choose
something else), a newly created public folder will accept "mail and post
items" (as per your suggestion, this is a folder setting).  If I create a new
item in a mail and post items public folder - it always shows up as a 'post'.
If I drag a mail item into the folder, it will show up as a mail item (as
displayed by the item's icon).  However, if I set up a rule to move mail
items from my inbox to the public folder, the moved mail items show up as
posts!  It doesn't make sense!

In any case, if I set Spambayes to check a public folder that contains only
mail items (or a mixture of mail and post items for that matter), I get a
message that there are no scanable items.  Apparently Spambayes thinks all
the items are notes.


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> > I wasn't sure where to post this question so please forgive me if
> > I'm in the wrong area....
> This is the right place.
> > I saw a FAQ (I think) about spambayes not working with Exchange
> > public folders.  The reason given was not that it couldn't do it
> > but rather that it was not enabled as it was felt that spamybayes
> > was written specifically to cover mail items only.  But many
> > exchange/outlook users put mail in public folder to facilitate easy
> > sharing of 'global' correspondence.
> If SpamBayes doesn't work with public folders, it's not by design.
> (I believe there's an open bug report about this, in fact).  IIRC,
> the main issue when this was discussed in the past was permissions,
> because SpamBayes writes information to the message (to keep track of
> which ones have been classified).
> > I noticed that I can select public folders for spam review, but
> > Spambayes does not appear to recognize that theirs is mail in the
> > folders (probably because Exchange labels the folder contents as
> > 'notes'? ).
> SpamBayes does try to only filter mail, and not notes or any other
> Outlook item types (this *is* by design).  Do the items in the public
> folder have to be items rather than mail?  I don't have access to any
> public folders at the moment, but I thought that messages were mail
> items and not notes.  Is this perhaps a folder setting?
> If this is the only reason that it's not working, then it would be
> easy enough to add an option to enable filtering of note items
> (assuming that filtering them will work).
> =Tony.Meyer
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