[Spambayes] Odd error message

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Sep 17 04:37:47 CEST 2005

> Whenever I use the buttons "Delete As Spam" or "Recover from Spam"  
> to do what they are designed for, I always have one or more email  
> messages highlighted that I want to be moved to another box, either  
> Spam or back to the Inbox.  When I press the button the first time,  
> nothing happens.  When I press it again, the email(s) go where I  
> want them but I get a message that says "No filterable mail items  
> are selected."

Does this happen with any message, or just particular ones?   
SpamBayes should only work with received messages, and so tries to  
figure out which messages have been received and which haven't.   
Unfortunately, this is difficult to do, and there are occasional  
messages that, for whatever reason, fail to correctly match the  
criteria.  There's an open bug report about this.  You can add more  
information to that report if you like, but basically it's easy  
enough to just manually move these few rouge messages.

If this is happening with all messages, then that's something  
different.  In that case, it would probably help to see your log.   
Please do this again (to generate the log entries), then send us a  
copy of your most recent log file.


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