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Thanks Tony. Much appreciated.

 - Bill H.

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> > At this time I would like to know if you have changed your
> > opinion on training since then. Here's what you said in a
> > to me on August 10, 2004 after reading my draft chapter.
> [...]
> Yes, I would stick to what I said then.  I would perhaps add
> after time it is probably worth adjusting the thresholds, so
> that not
> quite as much ends up in the unsure folder, but maybe that's
> advanced.
> > I basically distilled your advice down to "do no pre-training
> > all - train only on the UNSURE folder".
> *And* any mistakes.
> > Where do you stand on training these days, for people who
> > will not or cannot follow a complicated set of instructions.
> It still seems that 'fpfnunsure' (all mistakes and unsures)
> generally good results with SpamBayes, and it's certainly the
> easiest
> method to use with the Outlook plug-in.  I would (and do) still

> recommend it.
> =Tony.Meyer

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