[Spambayes] Odd error message

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Tue Sep 20 00:59:33 CEST 2005

Could this be related to that perennial problem of messages not getting
filtered the first time through? This has been a nuisance for me almost
since the beginning of Spambayes, and it didn't get any better when I
switched from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2002. Maybe Will du Pont's symptom
occurs when he selects a message that's clearly spam but somehow escaped
being classified as it entered the Inbox. If so, initiating a second
scan manually ought to clear it up.


(Sorry if this message appears twice. I meant to send it from home
yesterday, but don't think I actually did so.)

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> > Whenever I use the buttons "Delete As Spam" or "Recover from Spam" 
> > to do what they are designed for, I always have one or more email
> > messages highlighted that I want to be moved to another box, either

> > Spam or back to the Inbox.  When I press the button the first time,

> > nothing happens.  When I press it again, the email(s) go where I  
> > want them but I get a message that says "No filterable mail items  
> > are selected."
> Does this happen with any message, or just particular ones?   
> SpamBayes should only work with received messages, and so tries to  
> figure out which messages have been received and which haven't.   
> Unfortunately, this is difficult to do, and there are occasional
> messages that, for whatever reason, fail to correctly match the  
> criteria.  There's an open bug report about this.  You can add more  
> information to that report if you like, but basically it's easy  
> enough to just manually move these few rouge messages.
> If this is happening with all messages, then that's something  
> different.  In that case, it would probably help to see your log.   
> Please do this again (to generate the log entries), then send us a
> copy of your most recent log file.
> =Tony.Meyer

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