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Koppi, Kurt (KA) koppika at dow.com
Wed Sep 21 15:25:48 CEST 2005

I am having trouble with my SpamBayes software.  I read through the trouble-shooting guide but I am still stuck.  The SpamBayes tool items appear but they fail to work.  I have items in my Junk folder and in my Junk Suspect folder so it appears like the filtering is working correctly.  However, when I highlight messages in my Junk Suspected folder and click the Delete As Spam button on my tool bar, nothing happens.  I have been using SpamBayes for about a year now and this is the first time this has happened.  

I read through the trouble-shooting guide and followed the directions.  I first deleted the SpamBayes toolbar and re-started Outlook.  The SpamBayes toolbar was recreated following the restart but that did not fix the problem. Next, I deleted the outcmd.dat file and re-started but that also did not fix the problem.

Any suggestions?    

I am using Windows XP operating system.  

I am using SpamBayes version 0.9

If I have any log files I'll send them to you but you need to tell me where they are.

I would greatly appreciate your help.  Up until now, I have been quite happy with the performance of SpamBayes.


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