[Spambayes] Race condition between SpamBays and AVG Anti-Virus

Torgny Hofstedt Torgny.Hofstedt at home.se
Sat Sep 24 22:08:17 CEST 2005


thanks for your comments, but I've already increased the initial delay to
the 10 s maximum. I believe this would have worked if Outlook with IMAP
removed the deleted mails automatically and not just after a purge.



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> After installing SpamBay v1.0.4 and then when I receive a mail with
> a virus in it that is detected by the AVG Anti-Virus (v7.0 and 6)
> the mail is regenerated continuously in my inbox. I've experienced
> this on three systems. The mail client is outlook 2000 and 2003
> using IMAP on W2k and XP. When this happen I've to kill outlook
> start it again and remove the mail with the virus before SpamBays
> starts filtering.

I'm not aware of anyone experiencing this before - my best guess for
a solution would be to adjust the filtering delay values (to allow
AVG sufficient time to permanently deal with the message).  These are
on the Advanced Tab in the SpamBayes Manager dialog.  You'll have to
experiment to determine what the best values are.


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