[Spambayes] E-Mail ID #319042 [PayPal phish crap]

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 17:33:24 CEST 2005

[Herb Martin]
> I now get more Spam through the SpamBayes list than I get
> from any other source now.
> Of course this is because the discussion of spam on
> SpamBayes means I let mail from the list bypass
> SpamAssassin and CRM114 classification.
> Isn't there some way the list can filter this stuff
> out?

You just explained why mechanical filtering doesn't work for you on
lists discussing spam.  The same reasons apply here.

A way to get what you want is turn this into a moderated list, with
all postings held for moderator review.  That's easy to do.  Alas,
finding people willing to volunteer their time to _do_ such review,
around the clock, every day, is not easy to do.

> Ok, it's just a pet peeve -- I'll be quiet now. <grin>

For example, do you want this enough to volunteer to do it?  Me neither.

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